What We Do


our mission

We aim to foster leadership opportunities by providing training and support for young women to lead wildlife conservation efforts in their communities.

When women start businesses that value wildlife (while still alive), they not only gain the confidence, skills and resources to support their families and communities, they also have the support and awareness necessary to avoid falling prey to sex trafficking.

When wildlife is protected in the origins of tea, so is their habitat and the sustainability of their communities. Often, innovative, sustainable and diversified businesses emerge when women lead wildlife conservation. Whether sustainable wildlife tourism, biodiverse spices or medicinal crop growing, processing and packing or textile and jewelry design, we support creative entrepreneurs who want to improve their lives and communities.

our approach

in the field

We work with young women in tea communities to equip them to become conservation leaders, social entrepreneurs and change makers in their communities.

To build long-term benefits to the communities we work with, we provide mentoring, skill building, and workshops on business, wildlife, and conservation.

By having women leading the businesses that will give an economic value to wildlife while still alive, we believe we can improve the future of both. When women are starting these businesses that give economic value, the positive effects ripple out through her community and create lasting value.


We host workshops and events with socially and environmentally minded businesses in our local communities. Through these, we aim to collaborate with women and girls towards personal improvement and raising awareness in the field with the goals of education, skill sharing, and mutual benefit.